Ballet Academy


Moorland Ballet Academy

The Vocational Classical Ballet Programme

The Vocational Programme is available to students aged from 7-19 years whom attend Moorland School.

The Associate Development Programme

The Enhancement Course provides non-syllabus masterclasses for boys and girls aged from 8-16 years which are held on Saturdays during term time.


Dream • Dance • Develop

We are eagerly anticipating your arrival at Moorland International Ballet Academy, where we are excited to share our profound passion for ballet and education with you.


Admission to our Vocational Classical Ballet Study Programme is determined through a meticulous audition process, with placements contingent on individual talent and potential. We acknowledge that each student embarks on a unique journey and faces distinctive circumstances. Consequently, we welcome audition applications throughout the year, making it convenient for you to submit your application using our online form.


Our flexible approach enables us to extend audition invitations at times that best suit your needs and schedule, ensuring a personalized experience.

Artistic Director • Lynsey Kidd