Our directors have years of experience, not only as seasoned professionals, but also in nurturing talent to reach its potential. Choosing to focus on a self taught philosophy, proven to get results allows Moorland Ballet Academy to stand apart as a modern forward thinking dance organisation.

  • We’re pleased to announce that Moorland Ballet Academy has joined in partnership with Youth Sport Nutrition (YSN). YSN work with young athletes to provide training and education about nutrition relevant to their sport.

  • A discussion with Classical Ballet Director, Simon Kidd about why media tuition is now important for dancers more than ever and how we've adapted our curriculum to lead the way with a one of a kind course for ballet students.

  • On Friday we came together as an academy to take part in our ‘Celebration of Dance’ event. Over the past year, it has not always been easy or possible for us to be in one space, dancing together and sharing our art and progress with you all.

  • Next Friday we are coming together to share in a day of celebration. As part of this we will be watching the recent British Ballet Charity Gala Performance which was held at the Royal Albert Hall on the 3rd June. One of our very lucky sixth-form students, Alex, secured tickets for the Gala and alongside her Dad went to London last week.

  • At Moorland Ballet Academy we not only celebrate the success of our students but also their families. We don’t know what we would do without the support of the rich network of parents and carers who surround the academy, and therefore we take every opportunity to celebrate their achievements too.

  • We pride ourselves on our warm welcoming attitude, even when that is perceived from afar. This is no truer than when talking about recent new student Jasper and his journey to joining the Moorland Family.

  • A few weeks ago, Kenneth spent some time talking to our students via Zoom. The main topic of the discussion centred around how the creative industries have adapted throughout the pandemic...

  • Over the past year, it seems there has been very little to celebrate. However, whilst the country has been in what seems like a perpetual lockdown, we have been working hard behind the scenes on re-discovering who are as a Ballet Academy and how we can enhance our amazing program of training and study.

  • Hannah was approached by the Alberta Ballet School and was invited to go to Canada to take part in some classes at the prestigious school. As this is an honour bestowed on very few, Hannah jumped at the chance to dance with them.

  • Beth is a Principal at Scottish Ballet, Beth kindly gave a Q&A for the students and we hope to have her in the studio in the not too distant future. The Q&A was especially insightful into coping with anxiety throughout training and performance.

  • Tuesday the 14th was the last fitness session of the term for the Moorland Ballet Academy 6th Form and with this and current global circumstances in mind, the students and their Ballet Director, Mr Kidd, decided on an impromptu fundraising drive.

  • What a proud day, to welcome Moorland Ballet Graduate, Joshua Webb back into the studios. Josh is currently a dancer with San Diego Ballet Company in the USA.