At Moorland Ballet Academy, courses are specifically designed to challenge, enhance and cultivate excellence in dance. Our courses are open to students aged from 7-19 years.

Ballet team smiling
Ballet team smiling


Entry to our Academy Ballet Study Programme is by audition, and places are awarded on talent and potential. We look for boys and girls with the right sort of physique, physical proportions, flexible feet and flexible hip-joints. We also look for special qualities, such as imagination as well as a natural ability to move to music encompassing an eagerness to learn and work hard.

Young ballet dancer doing the splits

Pre-Vocational – Level 0

The course gives aspiring dancers a head start by learning how to function in a traditional ballet classroom preparing them for vocational training.

In all the children’s classes, we place a strong emphasis on establishing a good basic technique in an inspiring and creative environment.

Young ballet dancer holding a pose

Pre-Vocational – Level 1

The technique of classical ballet is learned and perfected in a highly-structured daily regime of classroom work delivered by experienced professionals.

Ballet classes are integrated into the academic timetable so that students are given the opportunity to succeed academically whilst training in classical ballet.

Ballet teacher directing smiling student

Vocational – Level 2

Students aged 11-14 train full-time in classical ballet alongside their regular academic studies. Our ballet classes are integrated into the academic timetable, with admission onto the course via audition only.

Ballet dancer in red leotard leaning back and balancing on one foot

Vocational Pre-Professional – Level 3

Students aged 14-16 train full-time in classical ballet alongside a full range of GCSE options. Our ballet classes are integrated into the academic timetable, with admission onto the course via audition only.

Ballet dancer jumping in pose

Vocational Professional – Level 4

The Professional Vocational Course is a two-year training programme designed to nurture and fully develop students’ potential in classical ballet, providing an environment in which a high level of challenge is matched with a high level of support preparing for a professional career.


ballet students practicing with teacher

Diploma in Dance Education

The Level 4 DDE is an Ofqual regulated teaching qualification, which provides an excellent introduction to a career in teaching dance. It offers student teachers a clear pathway to become a qualified dance teacher and allows the opportunity to engage with up-to-date research in best practice related to dance teaching and learning.

Ballet dancer in red leotard balancing on one foot

Graduate Course

Entry to the Graduate Programme is by audition only and places are awarded to students whom the directors believe can fulfil their ambition to gain employment in a professional ballet/ dance company.

Girl stretching for ballet

Associate Course

The Associates Training Programme was established in 2012, classes take place in Moorland School’s dance studio, Clitheroe, which is the home of Moorland International Ballet Academy.


The Associate Programme provides non-syllabus masterclasses for boys and girls aged from 8 years.

Two ballet dancers in blue posing together

Summer School

A residential or non-residential course open to male and female students.


This intensive and stimulating course is for students studying dance who wish to improve their technical and performance skills.

teacher helping boy with ballet
The progress we see in short periods of time are very rewarding and I am in no doubt that we offer a productive and enjoyable environment to learn and perfect ballet.

Simon Kidd