Josh’s Inspirational Experience!

Moorland Ballet Student, Josh, recently carried out a short term apprenticeship with McNicol Ballet Collective in Hull. Josh has written an account of his fanstastic experience:

Following my participation in the McNicol Ballet Collective’s Unbound Dance Day in Hull earlier this year I was offered a short term apprentice contract where I have been a member of the McNicol Ballet Collective for the past couple of weeks. In this time, we have been lucky enough to dance at the Rambert Company Studios in London and then most recently on residency at the Dance East Studios in Ipswich. 

Andrew McNicol’s collective has been creating a new ballet, where we have been exploring ideas that correlate to the music and Andrew’s ideas. Those ideas are being turned into balletic and Neo-classical material, which is developed into solo, group and pas de deux phrases to be filmed in preparation to stage the ballet.

I have had an amazing time dancing with the company. They are all such incredible dancers from across the globe and I felt very honoured to have been given this opportunity to dance with them all. They were all welcoming and have really helped me throughout my time with the company by giving me tips on my technique and helping me progress as an artist. 

This opportunity has given me confidence that the hard work I have put into my training is starting to pay off. I know as a dancer I still have a long way to go but this job has given me a boost in the industry which will hopefully lead to further auditions and opportunities across the world.

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