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Academy Alumnus Paige Bestinton Performs Swan Lake with the English National Ballet Company

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When we heard Moorland Ballet Alumnus, Paige Bestington, was going to be performing Swan Lake with the English National Ballet Company at the Palace Theatre Manchester, we ceased the exciting opportunity to take the Academy students, for a day of inspiration and for them to enjoy a wonderful example of where hard work and determination can take you.

Artistic Director Lynsey Kidd reflects, “Paige was always a driven and determined student, who made the most of all opportunities during her time with the Academy. We are very pleased for Paige as we follow her exciting career, it will be a very proud moment to see her performing as an artist of the English National Ballet company today.”

Ballet Academy students will be exploring Manchester Art Gallery and finding stimulus for choreography and new creative works. In the afternoon we will be watching the matinee performance of Swan Lake performed by English National Ballet. This is an important part of our students’ training and development and the beautiful ballet will be made even more special, watching Paige as an artist of the company.

Sixth Form student Emily Rothwell says, “I am really excited to go and watch the English National Ballet and to gain more insight into becoming a professional dancer. It’s always fun to go on inspirational trips with the Ballet Academy and enjoy the experience with my friends.”

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After another productive term full of progress and success, we look forward to sharing the talented Moorland Ballet students work in assessments on Friday. We know they will as ever, make the most of the opportunity to shine and further develop in front of a supportive panel of industry experts.🍀🍀🍀
Wishing all the best to all students performing in the @balletgrandprix_scotland and Cecchetti International Classical Ballet Event @elmhurstballetschool today.🍀🍀🍀

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Students have had a lovely morning in class before we head to Castleford Nursing Home. We look forward to meeting the residents, sharing our passion for dance and performing there soon.😊

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📣Auditions will be held on Saturday 23rd March, for our enhancement programme. 

💻You can apply without charge at 

🩰The Enhancement Course provides non-syllabus masterclasses for talented boys and girls aged from 8-16 years.

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