Screen Time – Listening and Learning with Bethany Kingsley-Garner

Students posing with Bethany on screen

We’ve been overjoyed to be able to welcome Bethany Kingsley-Garner into the studio via Zoom. Beth is a Principal at Scottish Ballet, Scottish Ballet one of the UK’s leading Ballet companies. Beth kindly gave a Q&A for the students and we hope to have her in the studio in the not too distant future. The Q&A was especially insightful into coping with anxiety throughout training and performance.

Lynsey Kidd said ‘It is always extremely important for us to ensure our students get the opportunity to engage with members of the performing arts who are at varying stages of their careers. Our students are always ever inquisitive with our guests and it is amazing for us as Directors to see our students asking important and personal questions to gain understanding and grow as individuals from other professionals experiences.’

As a School we are maintaining our expected standards of educating and inspiring even in these difficult circumstances. And whilst the theatres are still closed, it is necessary that we continue to explore new possibilities and take advantage of all opportunities we are presented, as demonstrated by our continued use of technology to keep a consistent level of quality.

You can see and read more about Beth and her career here.

Lynsey Kidd


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